Frequently asked questions

Choose it: Half the fun is in the browsing. Particularly when you can do it from your sofa, in your pajamas, with a beverage of choice and a face mask.

Reserve It: Choose a delivery date. We recommend choosing a rental begin date two days before your event.

Order Ships: 1-2 days before your rental begin date.  

Try Everything On: The moment you receive it. On the off chance you don't love something, please email us at within 5 hours of delivery and we'll do everything we can to overnight a replacement to you.

Not yet, but our atelier is in the works, so shoot us your email to keep up to date with its progress. 

In the meantime, we provide a local try on service in the San Diego area by appointment only. You can book that here by email.

If you're a local San Diegan, absolutely. We’ll courier your requested outfit for a $10 fee to try on and see if you love. Appointments give you 15 minutes.

Want to try more than one option? For $5 per outfit, we’ll bring as many as you desire. Each outfit gets you an extra 5 minutes.

If you decide that one of them is for you, we’ll give you a one-time discount code to take $5 off the price of your rental.

Book it through our website for the date of your event and we'll deliver it to you, right on time.

You absolutely can! All cancellations and exchanges must be made a week before your rental date by emailing (a $15 fee will be charged).

After, you’ll receive a refund for the remaining amount of the rental. Anything under a week will incur a charge of $30 for keeping the dress booked.

We do not allow any alterations. Feel free to use fashion tape to temporarily tailor your look.

Please remember to remove it before sending your rental back.

First of all, we sincerely believe that all bodies are beautiful, so beautiful bodies deserve beautiful clothes. As it currently stands, The Strand SD is a small, independent boutique that offers one-of-a-kind items in an array of sizes; all sizes being different.

But if your heart desires a dress that isn’t in your size, please use the ‘request a different size’ feature to put in a request.

We’re adding items to our boutique every day and as we grow, our options will grow too. Please be patient with us, we’re coming from the ground up and our goal is to eventually find something for everybody. 

Local San Diego Delivery: Delivery fee and dry cleaning is included in the price of your rental! All you have to take care of is the on-time return.

Outside of San Diego: We now ship nationwide within the USA! As we want the package to arrive exactly within your rental window, we've worked out the cheapest option possible through shopify for each state.

Returning your show stopper: It's up to you to return your items on time and in one piece. We recommend prepaying for your shipping label when placing your order. Then, simply put the outfit back in its garment bag, inside the reusable Limeloop package, slide the label into the sleeve (no need to stick it!) then drop it off at the post office.

Returns should be addressed to:

The Strand SD

PO Box 9498, San Diego, CA 92169

We'll also include instructions within your packaging, to make it ship-smooth for you.

Want to take care of the return label yourself? No problem, just please make sure you send your return priority mail, with tracking, on the end date of your rental period, then email us with the tracking number, so we can check it's on the way. If we aren't aware it's coming or if it takes too long to arrive, you may be subject to late return fees.

Don't forget to include the steamer if you also opted to rent one.

When a return is late, our system will automatically charge $30 per day for 14 days. After that, you'll be charged 200% of the original retail fee of the garment. On the plus side, it's then yours to keep!

Why so harsh? Because one late return can ruin the next girl’s life and our street cred. Well, maybe not life, but that domino effect can have some serious emotional repercussions.

We take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of all of our customers, and a huge part of that depends on on-time rental. When items are not returned, it impacts our ability to deliver our promise to the next person. 

Our products are unique and irreplaceable, and it’s for this reason that we can’t simply purchase additional products to fulfill orders due to late returns. We rely on our community to return our products on time, so that we can ensure other fine fashionistas will have their special dress for their special event.

We know it happens and sometimes it’s inevitable, so we offer a $10 damage insurance on your rental,  but if you do happen to have an accident (we know we’re not the only ones who love a red wine at a wedding), just give us the heads up by sending an email to ASAP.

Should the damage cost more than $10 to fix, then you will no longer be covered by the insurance and we’ll charge the card on file to cover the expense.

If the item is damaged or stained beyond repair, we will have to charge you 150% of the items retail price.

If the item sent out is never returned (or replaced), then we will charge you double the retail price of the item and hold a small ceremony for our fallen soldier.

But on the plus side, it is now yours to keep! Come on, it’s only fair.

Again, try on everything as soon as it arrives and message us immediately if you have any issues. We’ll do our best to overnight you a replacement for the applicable shipping fee. 

In the rare case you can’t find your match, we’ll happily give you a Strand SD credit for a future rental (minus shipping fees) and promise to keep searching for your dream outfit. 

Each item undergoes an extensive checklist before being sent out to you.

Items are, understandably, subjected to the usual wears a dress would face after being worn a few times.

If for some reason we have missed something major, this must be reported within 24 hours and the dress sent back for inspection. Please reach out by email with photos ASAP.

Not at all, simply wear, be fabulous, and return. Dry cleaning and minor damage insurance is all inclusive.